Taking out a pension is an important investment in your future and retirement.

It is so important, that you should find out as much information as you can about where you stand legally.

Family Law Leicester can help answer questions about your pensions and give you the the best pension law advice in Leicester.

Fior instance you should asking about your rights such as :

  • Is my employer legally obliged to provide a pension?
  • What are my rights to a state pension?

Or be aware of what happens to your pension as a result of divorce:

  • What happens to pensions on divorce?
  • Can my spouse take a share of my pension in a divorce?

Family Law Leicester can ahelp answer questions about pensions for an employers also:

  • As a business do we have to provide our employees with a pension?
  • What are the tax benefits of a pension scheme?
  • How do we go about establishing an employee pension plan?

Pensions are affected by legislation which can be subject to change and be quite complex. Family Law Leicester can help you understand the different Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments. Ensuring you are aware of the most importtant ones and their implications.

For example the Pensions Schemes Act 1993 (PSA 1993) covers occupational pensions, personal pensions, pension schemes and the rights to state pensions.

Also, the Pensions Act 1995 (PA 1995) which is responsible for significant changes. Before this act a pension scheme member involved in a divorce could have to to share a bigger share of their matrimonial property.

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