Children in Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce means making important decisions about the welfare of your children. If your relationship is failing and you are thinking about divorce, then you need to start to consider the legal implications regarding your children such as:

Child Custody

  • Who gets custody of the children?
  • Who decides on who gets custody of my children?
  • How are the arangements for child custody made?

Child Access

  • What are my rights as a father, am I entitled to custody?
  • How can I prevent my husband/ wife from seeing my children?

Child Maintenance

  • Will I be required to pay child maintenance payments?
  • Can I afford to pay child maintenance?

Statement of Arrangements

It would be wrong to assume that child custody is an issue that is raised as soon as you begin the divorce process. To raise child custody in a petition for divorce a detailed four part form called a 'statement of arrangements for children' must be completed.

In divorce, a child is a person under the ages of 16 years of age, or a person over 16 years but not yet 18, who is in full time education or is training for a profession or vocation.

Each section of the form helps build up a detailed picture of the childs home life and also investigates the children's schooling and maintenance and support requirements.

The content of the "Statement of arrangements for children' helps inform the divorce courts decision on child custody. Family Law Leicester recommends getting the best legal advice in Leicester when completing the form. It is essential that you are in the best position to get the right outcome for your children when going to court.

At this point it is worth remembering that from 6th April 2011, if you are a divorcing couple who intend to debate finances on divorce in court , a 'Mediation Assessment' is now required.

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