Family Mediation

In the mediation process two parties in a dispute agree to appoint a third party known as a 'mediator' to facilitate  an agreed outcome to their dispute or problem.

Mediation works well in family disputes, such as divorces. By keeping the dispute out of court it makes it easier to manage the stress levels for everyone involved.

Mediation achieves this by encouraging a positive approach that promotes compromise and bypasses the complicated accusatory environment of a court, which has the added benefit of reducing costs.

It is worth remembering that from 6th April 2011, if you are a divorcing couple who intend to debate finances on divorce in court, a 'Mediation Assessment' is now required.

Although mediation is a more informal and relaxed process, you should still consult a solicitor at its outset to ensure that you are in the best postion to get a favourable outcome when it ends. Family Law Leicester have expert lawyers and solicitors who will provide advice and help about the mediation process. We can inform you if mediation is suitable for your circumstances, and if so refer the best mediatior in Leicester. 

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